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Hi I'm Marc, a German based photographer and adventurer who is specialized in travel, outdoor and action sports.

I started photography early on as a kid when there were no digital cameras yet. At this time it was more playing around than seriously taking pictures. This all changed a couple years down the road during my studies when I started with traveling and pursued taking pictures. But the more I traveled the less gratifying it seemed to be. I set out seeking adventure and what I was finding was only routine. 

WiFi, fine dining and a constant cellular that to me were all the trappings of places heavily touristed.

I set out to find the places others had written off as too cold, too remote and too dangerous to visit and that challenged and intrigued me. I began this sort of personal crusade against the mundane. Because if there's one thing I've realized it's that any career even one is seemingly glamorous as photographer has the danger of becoming monotonous.


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